Protestantism is found in the New Testament

I recently debated one of the most ignorant people I’ve ever encountered.  His first name is Kevin, a well known blogger.  He told me that “THE FIRST CHRISTIANS WERE PROTESTANTS.”  Well, I thought about how to respond to this stupid remark and then it hit me like a lighening bolt.  He was right.  I went straight into my bible to find the exact place where the FIRST PROTESTANTS are found.

They are found in the Bread of Life Discourse.  Here at the conclusion of the Bread of Life Discourse, Jesus’ disciples were already grumbling among themselves and then they no longer walked with Jesus.

We read about them in JOHN 6:66 –

66 From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.

What does it mean to no longer walk with Jesus anyway?  In St. John’s Gospel it means to willingly not share in table fellowship with Him or the Apostles.  It means to not be with Jesus, who on the night he was betrayed, took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to the Apostles and to separate yourself from every single one of us who are called to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

So Kevin was right after all.  Just like that, I found the first Protestants in the New Testament.  And there were other Protestants as well. We call these Protestants:





-Chief Priests

-Judas Iscarot

And to round off this list, we will call some of these others Protestants: the demonaic and those possessed by demons.

So, to proclaim yourself a Protestant, means to join a long list of other Protestants, starting with those that no longer walked with Jesus; reaching back to the first Protestants of John 6:66.  Wait a minute.  That’s not fair to the good, upstanding, bible thumping, prayerful, lovers of Jesus, who also proclaim that the Catholic Church is not the Church that Christ established.  Isn’t it ironic that the very people who say those ugly things about the Church that Jesus established on the faith of the Apostles, with Himself as the cornerstone, are related to those that in the New Testament also walked away from Jesus.  There is something biblical about walking away…….  It’s called Protestantism.

Then we come to the first known heretics after the Resurrection.  We call them the Nicolaitans.  And guess what?  We find out in no uncertain terms that :




R. Zell




4 thoughts on “Protestantism is found in the New Testament

  1. Zell: Do you not think Satan was the first protestant? I mean, Satan was a rebel, protesting against the Divine Plan of the Lord for salvation: the Incarnation. Protestants are rebels, protesting against the Divine Plan of the Lord: the Church.


  2. We meet the first protesters (ants) in John 6:66. John 6:64 Jesus links Judas to these Protestors and when the Bread of life Discourse is revealed at the Last Supper, Judas is given the metaphorical bread of death.


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