Hocus Pocus and the Holy Eucharist


Here is a Protestant of one of the 45,000 different denominations out there who claims Transubstantiation is hocus pocus. Let’s take a good look at this claim from this vile creature who hates Catholics more than Satan himself hates Catholicism. Here is a direct quote from a youtube comments thread I am currently defending the Catholic Faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

dee hee 1 day ago

+R. Zell ….catholicism is hocus pocus with it transubstantiation. It is witchcraft on the altar!

I will not be going into the history of the term “hocus pocus” that a segment of Protestantism applies to the Apostolic belief in the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ of the Holy Eucharist. For an excellent discussion of Transubstantiation, I direct you to this link.

Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He changed water into wine at the Wedding at Cana?
Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He healed the Blind, the Sick, the Lame, the Lepers, the Mute, the Paralytics?
Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He fed the 5,000 and the 4,000?
Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He calmed the storm?
Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He cast out demons?
Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He raised the dead or when He raised Lazaras?
Did Jesus say Hocus Pocus when He changed the Bread into His Body and the Wine into His Blood at the Pascal Feast?
Did Jesus Christ say Hocus Pocus when He was raised from the dead?

Can someone tell me when did Jesus ever say “Hocus Pocus” when He performed any of the above miracles? Jesus always used Prayer, not Hocus Pocus.

Without realizing it, the person who said that Transubstantiation is hocus pocus, uses the same argument that the Atheists use as an argument about Christianity. Go Figure.

We call those miracles and for good reason. Transubstanitation is a mystery to be explored; otherwise what is the sense in revealing it. The Early Church Fathers accepted the Breaking of the Bread as the Body of Christ and the drinking of the wine as the Blood of Christ, because that is what the Savior of the World said it was on the night he was betrayed.

Prior to the Reformation, there are just two Catholic theologians who didn’t believe that the Holy Eucharist was the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until Zwingli and then Calvin that and then their disciples. Those men had once been Catholic and accepted the Holy Eucharist as the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Jesus. They walked away and deserted the True Christ and His True Church.

When I considered leaving the Catholic Church, Jesus whispered in my ear and said “Are you going to leave also?” and I answered “to whom shall I go?” To Luther, to Zwingli, to Calvin, to Mennos Simon, to Joseph Smith, to John Knox, to one of the 45,000 other Christs held by Protestantism?

No. “You Jesus have the words of eternal life” and your Church has not abandoned the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

I’ll stick with St. Peter and the Apostles on this one.

They can stick with their 45,000 different Christs. I’ll stick with the One True Christ of the New Testament.


5 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus and the Holy Eucharist

  1. Many Protestants engage in proof-texting the Bible. I have been in their Bible studies. Each word is examined and re-examined. And so, with that level of scrutiny, does Jesus at the Last Supper say, “Take and eat, as a symbol of my body?” He does not. Nor does he say this about his blood. He says this IS my body. This IS my blood. When Jesus appears to his disciples after his Resurrection, he does the same thing again, and that’s how they recognize him. Thus, this is not a casual act of remembrance, but rather a partaking in Jesus’ act of salvation. Because Jesus is God, and thus unbound by time, his act for us, too, is unbound by time. It goes on and on, hence the Catholic Church’s participation in it at every celebration of the holy sacrifice of the Mass.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful video.

    About Protestant Proof-Texting. I find that if they went to the Original Greek text of Romans 3:28 and used the level of scrutiny they used studying the Bread of Life Discourse and the Last Supper, they would be appalled at finding that Martin Luther added the word “alone” to Holy Spirit inspired sacred scripture. Literally, appalled to learn he did that. I’ve run into too many Protestants who didn’t know this fact or who tried to rationalize Luther adding to scripture.

    Let’s thank God we are elected to receive this beautiful gift of our Lord and Savior in the Holy Eucharist.

    :), blessings,

    R. Zell


  3. YES YOUR WITCHCRAFT ON THE ALTAR IS UNBIBLICAL… JESUS IS THE ETERNAL HIGH PRIEST WHO MADE THE FINAL SACRIFICE! …HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS? ….‘Witchcraft’ is a broad term, and commonly refers to ‘the use of magic’, whilst magic itself can be defined as ‘the manipulation and coercion of hidden powers in order to act on specific events…IT THE UNBIBLICAL ACT OF Transubstanitation.


  4. I see you didn’t address the premise of this article. I should have know you had a reading comprehension problem.

    Again, Magic? Did Jesus perform Magic?

    You have taken the position of the disciples who walked away in John 6:66. In verse John 6:52, the grumbling disciples say this to Jesus and to themselves:

    52 The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

    You Dee Hee said the exact same thing: “Witchcraft on the Alter….” You deny the very words of Christ Jesus. There was another disciple who didn’t walk away. His name is Dee Hee Judas Iscarot. And here Jesus says to us that the one that didn’t walk away will betray Me. And St. John links the detrayal of Jesus to Judas and to the Passover; like in “Passover Meal.”

    Here in John 6:66 we do meet the first Protestant in History and it is over the Holy Eucharist.

    Again, you didn’t address the premise of the article.

    In Christ,

    R. Zell


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