The Real & Substantial Presence. Who does not want us to eat Bread?



The Holy Eucharist is prefigured in the Old Testament:

Exodus 25,

Leviticus 24

Numbers 4

1 Samuel 21:3-6

Matthew 12:1-8

Mark 2:23-27

John 6

John 13:26-27 when Judas is given unconsecrated/ordinary bread, this bread is a metaphor of spiritual death. Over at our blog,, there is a debate going on between mojo (who lost his capital letters) and Timothy P. The topic of this debate was the Holy Eucharist and the Church Fathers. mojo (who lost his capital letters) does not want us to EAT BREAD, specifically the Holy Eucharist. It occurred to me that mojo (who lost his capital letters) doesn’t want us to eat Bread when at Mass with Christ Jesus. I went to Matthew 12:1-8 and the Pharisees also didn’t want the Apostles to eat Bread as well.

Many times I told mojo (who lost his capital letters), that he stands with the Gnostics; specifically the Docetists. These heretics were refuted because they also didn’t want to eat the Bread of Life. John 6:66 speaks of those grumbling protestors who no longer walked with Christ and we also find out that Judas will betray Jesus here. Following the “bread crumbs” John drops for us to follow, we not that at the Last Supper, in John 13:26-27, Judas receives bread by the very hand of Christ Himself and immediately Satan enters Judas. This unblessed and unconsecrated bread that Judas eats, is a metaphor of spiritual death when one does not discern the body and blood of Christ when at His table.

Christ Jesus reveals to His disciples the mystery He gave them at the Bread of Life Discourse when he says at the Last Supper: “Take, eat, this is My Body.”

I say to my Protestant brethren, “To whom shall we go, Jesus gives us the words of Eternal Life at the Bread of Life Discourse, reveals it at the Last Supper and confirms it on the Road to Emmaus, that to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood leads to eternal life. To eat of a symbolic bread is to eat of the same bread Judas ate, that denies the words of the Savior and that bread leads to spiritual death.

I implore my protestant brethren to abstain from eating the symbolic bread they are given at their various denominations.


Catholic Rejection of the Holy Eucharist


According to the Gospel of Luke, the first person in history to say “Yes” to the Body of Christ, is the Virgin Mary during the Annunciation.

This was her “Fait” her “Yes” her “Amen.”

In the Catholic Church, at the Mass, we also go up to receive the Holy Eucharist.  The Catholic Priest asks each of us, “Body of Christ” and our response is “Amen.”  Amen confirming we believe the very words of Jesus Christ, that the Holy Eucharist is indeed exactly what Jesus said the Blessed Bread and Blessed Blood are:

His Body & His Blood.”

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The Last Supper – And The Two Types of Bread


The Last Supper

And The Two Types of Bread

Most Christians are familiar with the dispute over whether Jesus was talking metaphorically or literally during the Bread of Life Discourse.

If Jesus was talking metaphorically then the eucharist is just symbolic.  If Jesus was talking literally, then the Holy Eucharist becomes, in some mysterious way, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

St. John gives us something that is often overlooked at the Last Supper by the other Gospel writers.  He tells us that Judas received bread from the very hand of Jesus while in the Upper Room.  This bread is not the Eucharistic bread that Jesus gives to the 11 other Apostles.  Continue reading