The Last Supper and the 2 Types of Bread



In John’s gospel the Lord says: By this love you have for one another, everyone will know you are my disciples. In a letter by John we read: My dear people, let us love one another since love comes from God and everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God. Anyone who fails to love can never have known God, because God is love.

So the faithful should look into themselves and carefully examine their minds and the impulses of their hearts. If they find some of the fruits of love stored in their hearts then they must not doubt God’s presence within them, but to make themselves more and more able to receive so great a guest they should do more and more works of durable mercy and kindness. After all, if God is love, charity should know no limit, for God himself cannot be confined within limits.

What is the appropriate time for performing works of charity? My beloved children, any time is the right time, but these days of Lent provide a special encouragement. Those who want to be present at the Lord’s Passover in holiness of mind and body should seek above all to win this grace. Charity contains all other virtues and covers a multitude of sins.

As we prepare to celebrate that greatest of all mysteries, by which the blood of Jesus Christ destroyed our sins, let us first of all make ready the sacrificial offerings – that is, our works of mercy. What God in his goodness has already given to us, let us give it to those who have sinned against us.

And to the poor also, and to those who are afflicted in various ways, let us show a more open-handed generosity so that God may be thanked through many voices and the needy may be fed as a result of our fasting. No act of devotion on the part of the faithful gives God more pleasure than the support that is lavished on his poor. Where God finds charity with its loving concern, there he recognises the reflection of his own fatherly care.

Do not be put off giving by a lack of resources. A generous spirit is itself great wealth, and there can be no shortage of material for generosity where it is Christ who feeds and Christ who is fed. His hand is present in all this activity: his hand, which multiplies the bread by breaking it and increases it by giving it away.

When you give alms, do not be anxious but full of happiness. The greatest treasure will go to the one who has kept the least for himself. The holy apostle Paul tells us: He who provides seed for the sower will give bread for food, provide you with more seed, and increase the harvest of your goodness, in Christ Jesus our Lord, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.

Pope Leo the Great, circa 440 A.D.

How Can This Man Give Us His Flesh to Eat

There is many disputes between the Protestant and un-Protestant Protestants over the meaning of the Bread of Life Discourse.  This video will help Protestants understand how the Blessed and Consecrated Bread at the Mass is transubstantiated into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Jesus.


How can this man give us His flesh to eat?

In several recent debates on the Holy Eucharist, my Protestant interlocutors were trying to claim that Jesus actually meant this at the Last Supper:

“This is NOT my Body …….”
“This is NOT my Blood …….”

But the underlining question being asked is this:


My response to my Protestant interlocutors:

Don’t you find it ironic that you are asking the same questions the unbelieving disciples asked in John 6:66, while they were grumbling among themselves?

It is very difficult to explain when you do not have the Eyes of Faith that they also don’t have.  John 6:60 “Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this said, “This is a difficult statement; who can listen to it?”  Isn’t it here that Judas fell away?  My opponents are asserting the same thing as those in John 666.

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Hocus Pocus and the Holy Eucharist


Here is a Protestant of one of the 45,000 different denominations out there who claims Transubstantiation is hocus pocus. Let’s take a good look at this claim from this vile creature who hates Catholics more than Satan himself hates Catholicism. Here is a direct quote from a youtube comments thread I am currently defending the Catholic Faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

dee hee 1 day ago

+R. Zell ….catholicism is hocus pocus with it transubstantiation. It is witchcraft on the altar!

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Sola Fide – The Protestant Loophole


Sola Fide

The Protestant Loophole

Sometime after 1517, Martin Luther invented the doctrine of Sola Fide.  Protestants point out many verses that they claim supports the Doctrine of Sola Fide.  I believe that these Protestants, most of them good people, just presuppose Faith Alone to be contained in those verses.  I’m not going to rehash Luther adding the word ALONE to Holy Spirit Inspired Scripture verses such as Romans 3:28, where he readily admits adding Alone to the word Faith to make the verse say “Faith Alone.”

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